Set 1: Local Palette

Drop off date: July 5, 2020
Drop off method: Porch Delivery 

Supplies needed for this set:
-a camera (your phone will work just fine)
-paints, or pencil crayons, or pigment, whatever colouring materials you have available.

Contributing artist:
Claire Falkenberg


Included in this week’s instructions is a set of paint samples; your task in the upcoming weeks is to try and match the colours as closely as possible to something/someone/some plant around Dawson.


Take a photo of the matches and send them to us at or tag us on instragram @localfieldschool.


Reproduce the colours you have found.  We’ve provided two blank cards with this set of instructions: one is for you, one has been addressed to someone else participating in the Local Field School. Use whatever drawing or painting materials you have available to reproduce the colour(s) on the cards.

You have some options for this reproduction. You can draw an object you are looking at and add colour to it, or you can just reproduce the colour, or multiple colours. You may even want to name the colours and include them on your card. 

Some things to consider while looking at the colours: are they warm or cool? Is what you’re looking at in the light or the shade? If you’re looking at a green leaf, is it more of a blue green or a yellow green? What colours is your colour surrounded by? Do they change the brightness or intensity of each other?

Keep one card for yourself and drop the other card mail, don’t forget!

We will build a palette of local colours together.