Set Two: Source Materials

Dear Local Field School Artists,

Your task is to make new paper out of this newspaper, and to add some of your nearest, or dearest, plant life to that paper.

There are many different ways to do this, and many online resoures, but we have compiled some simple instructions that you can follow. Document your process and final projects and tag us @localfieldschool or email them to

The second task in this set is more broad: we want to learn about what locally sourced materials you might already be using.  The intention of this set is to create an archive of locally-sourced materials.  We are particularly interested in locally-sourced clay and paper making with local fibres, but of course, we are interested in all other unconventional (or conventional!) materials you might already be using like…radio waves? Or old metal? Or mushroom stamps? Or fish skin? We are asking you to send us photos of your projects, the materials you use, how you use them, harvesting tips be included the archive of local source materials that will be featured on our website.

Over the next couple of weeks we will be featuring interviews with a few artists who use a variety of locally-sourced materials including clay, plant fibers, and sawdust, on our blog. We will also be conducing out own experiments with locally found materials.

We encourage you to get outside and get experimental with this one!